Wooden Alphabet Piggy Bank

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With this children's piggy bank, saving is a lot of fun. From A to Z, there are 26 letter styles to choose from. At the same time, we include an alphabet sticker set that you can use to form your child's name or some fun sentences on the piggy bank.


  • Totally Hand-made crafts
  • Environmentally friendly - free of any harmful substances
  • Each has been polished to make it feel smooth, will not hurt your kid's hand

How to Open:

If you want to open the bank just unscrew the screws and remove the acrylic cover. Moreover, as it is natural wood, the texture will be different.


  • Size: 18 x 15cm (7 x 6in)
  • Material: Wood + Acrylic
  • Color: Burlywood

Package includes:

  • 1 x Wooden Alphabet Piggy Bank