Professional Fishing Lure

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Catch Bigger, Better & Stronger Fish With Innovative, Life-Like & Eco-Friendly Lures

Take your fishing to the next level with multi-joint, eye-catching and sustainable lures - a must-have addition to every angler’s lure box.
This top-of-the-market multi-joint lure creates an S-shape that mirrors real sea life and attracts every kind of fish. The new 8-segment body uses an elastic design to create a fluent swimming action in the water that becomes irresistible to predators and encourages big strikes.
With this revolutionary lure, you can fish in any depth thanks to a counterweight ball that covers the surface layer all the way to the floor. It's suitable at any depth to catch both fresh and saltwater fish.
The perfect lure is the key to catching predators. Our high-resolution body paint with holographic finish gives an edge that attracts bigger, better and more powerful fish - every single time.
  • 3D eyes that look like natural live baits
  • Innovative S-shape motion that mimics life-like action
  • Weighted ball that helps you dive deeper than ever
  • Ultra-durable treble hook that catches even the strongest fish
  • Perfect for fresh and saltwater angling all year round


  • Size: 14cm
  • Weight: 23g

Package includes:

  • 1 x Professional Fishing Lure