Portable Folding Potty Seat

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This AMAZING PORTABLE TOILET SEAT for TODDLERS is perfect to start this new stage of your child's life. It's easy to fold, easy to carry, and simple to use. Now, you’re able to enjoy being out and about with your child without having to worry about bacteria and germs that your little one can get from public restrooms.

  • This UPGRADED MODEL has 8 NON-SLIP PADS on the underside plus a locking mechanism that provides stability during the usage, and prevents the POTTY TRAINING SEAT COVER from slipping off of the toilet. Don’t let your children be scared of the potty training process. With our super cute and comfortable PORTABLE POTTY TRAINING SEAT your child will be enthusiastic and motivated to, once and for all, dive in and be successful at potty-training.
  • NO MORE PINCHED BOTTOMS. Our no-gap design solves the problem of pinched bottoms. Fits most standard toilets, helps babies and toddlers learn how to use the toilet in residential and public restrooms with more confidence.


  •  The ADDITIONAL SPLASH-PROOF ACCESSORY is amazing for helping little boys to avoid little mistakes. The Splash-Proof piece is easy to attach and detach for folding when finished. If you have a little girl, you can remove the splash-proof accessory.


  • THIS PORTABLE TRAVEL POTTY TRAINING SEAT IS A LIFE-SAVER: Don’t let your children be scared of the potty-training process. With our super cute and comfortable PORTABLE POTTY TRAINING CHAIR your child will be excited and motivated to be successful at potty-training. Your success is our success. Our job is just to make it happen with a little more fun and a lot less worrying.


  • IT FITS MOST TOILETS: Rest assured, our PORTABLE TOILET SEAT TODDLER will fit most standard-sized toilets. What I like about it is, it’s long enough to fit longer, more modern toilet seats, but it is also narrow enough for more classic/vintage toilet styles. So, our FOLDING POTTY TRAINING SEAT not only works on residential toilets, but commercial toilets as well. And then everyone can all join in the potty-training celebratory potty dance!


  • NO-GAP LOCKING MECHANISM PREVENTS SKIN PINCHING: This enhances the tightness of the plastic joint, and holds the potty training seat travel firmly in place, so none of your child’s sensitive skin gets pinched. To use with total peace of mind, you only need to open the locking mechanism, which provides stability during the usage and prevents the POTTY TRAINING SEAT from slipping off of the toilet.


  • EASY to USE, EASY to CLEAN, EASY to FOLD, and EASY to CARRY = EASIER LIFE! That's all you need to keep your child happy throughout the potty-training process.


  • This PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Portable Folding Potty Training Seat ,  1 x Splash Proof Piece, 1 x Storage Bag.


Get it on SALE right now and don't stress out on Potty-Trainning!